Powershell – Automating HP c7000 Virtual Connect Domain Configuration

In preparation for private cloud deployment, our HP c7000 BladeSystem Virtual Connect domain needed configuration.  Of course, the VCEM modules allow CLI interaction, so I figured I could automate the process using a script.  Problem is, the SSH buffer maxes out after about 50-60 lines from the script, resulting in catastrophic configurations.  As always, PowerShell has … [Read more…]

Create Self-Signed Certificate for Windows

I ran into an issue with a Windows server that lost its self-signed certificate (the circumstances surrounding this event are embarrassing, and therefore, irrelevant).  I needed to recreate the self-signed cert in order to Remote Desktop to the machine, but could not find a lot of references on doing so after a moderately exhaustive search … [Read more…]

Removing Lingering Object from AD: The Layadmin’s Version

On Friday afternoon, a schema update was performed in our lab. On Monday, DC replication was halting on a majority of the DCs. I was able to detect this instantly because I monitor the health of the DCs using PowerShell.  DCDIAG on the affected servers would report the following message: The replication generated an error (8606): … [Read more…]

Removing a Windows Rootkit Using SystemRescueCd

The past few weeks have taught me a lot about rootkits: They are insanely difficult to remove from a Windows installation This is because they disable all the best anti-malware tools They hide themselves from even the most diligent searching Instead of spending hours trying to trick a rootkit into letting an anti-malware software to run, … [Read more…]