Use PowerShell to Add Permissions to AD Container Objects for Machine Accounts Without using the AD Module

I am taking on SCCM 2012 at work, so currently, I’m working on a PowerShell script that installs all the prerequisites before installing the actual product. The list of prereqs is about a mile long, but so far, I’m batting 1.000. One of the prereqs is to add Full Control permissions on the System Management … [Read more…]

VM Network Adapter Connection Check

Sometimes it’s nice to know if your VMs are connected. You’d think it’d be easy to check for network adapter connection state, but it’s not. Not in a pretty fashion that is. The script below will show you which VMs are currently unplugged in table format using PowerCLI: $datacenter = "yourdc" $VMs = (get-vm -location … [Read more…]

PowerShell DC Health Status – Ping, Hard Drive Space, Replication

There is an updated version of this DC Health Check PowerShell script that is much simpler and does not require the Quest add-in. We kept getting reports that DC issues (replication to begin with) were preventing a solution from being implemented. I was tasked with determining the root cause of these issues, and this PowerShell script was born … [Read more…]

PowerShell Script to Copy OUs and Groups from AD Including Group Membership

There is an updated version of this AD Administration PowerShell script that is much simpler. I couldn’t find a clean method to export group membership from AD. LDIF notoriously does not allow importing the MemberOf attribute, so I began looking for a way through PowerShell. I found a method using Quest’s AD Tools SnapIn. The code below … [Read more…]